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USB Controller Employs Unique Technology

The NET2272 16-bit, USB 2.0 device controller incorporates the company's Dynamic Virtual Endpoint technology, which allows the device to support the maximum number of allowable USB endpoints to be configured. The technology creates up to 30 independent data channels by mapping multiple data streams over existing endpoints. The controller also includes a serial interface engine, three 1-KB, bidirectional buffers, a 30-MHz PLL, an analog low-power USB 2.0 transceiver, and a generic local bus interface that promises to be glueless to most CPUs. Virtual endpoint logic allows some or all of the device's physical endpoints to map any number of logical endpoints to the USB host controller. A software development kit, the NET2272PCI-RDK, includes hardware layouts and schematics, sample firmware, and driver source code. The NET2272 is sampling now in a 64-pin TQFP with production scheduled for the second quarter. For further information and prices, contact NETCHIP TECHNOLOGY INC., Mountain View, CA. (650) 526-1490.


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