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USB Switch/Transceiver Enhances Cell Phones

USB Switch/Transceiver Enhances Cell Phones

Promising to enrich user experience in cell phones, the FSA9280A micro-USB switch and FUSB2500 USB transceiver bring significant design advantages to the mobile space. The FSA9280A automatically detects accessories and configures the proper path for each accessory. Allegedly, it can detect every accessory and charger on the market and uses a number of reserved resistors to accommodate new accessories such as e-frames, glucometers, and audio docks. The FUSB2500 has an integrated charger detect that allows detection without additional component count. The FSA9280A uses sampling methods to minimize power consumption in the standby state and includes a negative switch capability in audio applications without consuming power. Both the FSA9280A and FUSB2500 offer a low power down function that puts the device in standby when functions are not in use. The FSA9280A features a THD of 0.1% and numerous protection functions while the FUSB2500 adds 15-kV HBM ESD protection, exceeding the 2kV standard. Price for either device is $1 each/1,000. FAIRCHILD SEMICONDUCTOR, San Jose, CA. (800) 341-0392.


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