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VDSL Chipset Adds More Operating Modes

The high-performance design of a new second-generation VDSL chipset for broadband access networks promises additional operating modes, faster symmetric and asymmetric speeds and a reduction in power consumption to 1W per channel. The ICs are based on QAM (Quadrature Amplitude Modulation) and are expected to accelerate the deployment of VDSL by extending the functionality and reach of broadband equipment and by facilitating higher density design. This advance is designed to reduce the number of external components in VDSL modem and VDSL linecards for DSLAM and DLC systems. With up to 30 Mbps upstream/downstream transmission over a single twisted pair, the chip enables broadband services such as interactive TV, distributed LAN and video games, high-definition video conferencing and bundling of voice, high-speed Internet access and broadband TV. Pricing is less than $30 each for production volumes.


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