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VHF/UHF Transmitters Use Advanced Technology

Developed using an advanced silicon process technology, the RF2512 and RF2513 low-cost frequency synthesizer/transmitters are designed to provide a phase-locked frequency source for use in local-oscillator or transmitter applications in the 300-to-1000-MHz range. These devices are used in FM or FSK applications in the U.S. 915-MHz ISM band or the European 433- or 868-MHz ISM bands. Both devices operate in narrow-band and wide-band FM from 2.4V to 5V supplies. The RF2512 offers 10 mA of output power at 433 MHz, and the RF2513 offers 4 mW of output power at the same frequency and includes an integrated varactor to simplify system design. Applications are single- or dual-channel LO sources, FM/FSK transmitters, wireless data transmitters, ISM band systems and wireless security systems.


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