Electronic Design

Virtualization Enhances Secure Networking Platform

Heralded as a major enhancement to the company’s Platform for Secure Networking, additions that include secure virtualization and new reference platforms enable a complete Linux operating system and its applications ecosystem to securely and seamlessly coexist with the performance, reliability-critical, and real-time portions of networking devices on a single, general-purpose microprocessor. System availability is increased by eliminating the possibility for a non-critical application failure or corruption in the Linux environment to compromise the critical real-time packet traffic applications and services running on the INTEGRITY real-time operating system. Availability and secure isolation between networking subsystems are ensured via INTEGRITY, reportedly the first Common Criteria EAL6+ certified operating system technology. For more details, call GREEN HILLS SOFTWARE INC., Santa Barbara, CA. (800) 765-4733 and/or visit http://www.ghs.com/secure_networking.html

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