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VLSI Devices Address Internet, WAN & Public Network Needs

A higher degree of integration and lower equipment costs are said to be just a few of the benefits of four new VLSI devices- DS1MX7, E123Mux, QT1F-Plus and QE1F- all of which address applications in the Internet, WAN, and public network markets.The DS1MX7 is a seven-channel byte synchronous and asynchronous DS1 mapper. The QT1F-Plus and QE1F framers are four-channel, fully integrated T1/E1 framing and performance monitoring devices targeted at applications in the transmission and Internet infrastructure. The E123Mux provides E1-to-E3, E1-to-E2, and E2-to-E3 multiplexing and de-multiplexing capabilities. Applications include add/drop multiplexers, electronic digital signal cross connects and Internet Access Systems.


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