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VoIP Switching ICs Claim To Improve QoS

The VTX2600, a family of three voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) switching ICs, is said to improve quality of service (QoS) in local area networks (LANs). The family consists of three single-chip VoIP switches that support the high-bandwidth, high QoS requirements of voice, video and data traffic in Ethernet LANs.
The VoIP switches each integrate up to twenty-four 10/100 and two 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet ports. The family of devices receive, prioritize and forward packets of voice, video and data at wire-speed simultaneously over all 24 ports.
All three switches support over 900 concurrent voice sessions. Up to 32 switches can be stacked to support a range of customer-defined scalability and bandwidth requirements.
All three devices accommodate up to 64k MAC addresses, provide port-based and ID tagged VLANs, and support up to 255 simultaneous IP multicast groups. Supporting both full- and half-duplex operation, the devices are said to meet a range of voice applications.
The devices are supplied in a 553-pin BGA package. Pricing is $82 for the VTX2604, $64 for VTX2603, and $69 for VTX-2602, each/10,000.


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