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Waveform Viewing Technology Sets Benchmark For Signal Integrity Analysis

Providing system designers with unique possibilities to redefine the dynamics and economies of backplane design, signal integrity analysis, test-and-measurement equipment, and remote monitoring in communication systems, VScope IC-based waveform viewing technology embeds an oscilloscope function into the receiver section of communication-system ICs. The technology allows direct viewing of signal characteristics in a manner similar to traditional oscilloscopes. Reportedly, it provides a more accessible and cost effective signal analysis tool that users can remotely monitor through network connections. By scanning the input data eye within the chip itself, VScope assumes position the industry’s first offering of true in-line imaging of the real-time data streams on a per-pin basis. Its data acquisition architecture employs two adjustable sampling channels for simultaneously receiving and scanning to capture the data stream at its source, thereby avoiding correlation errors between the measurement circuitry and live data path. Additionally, post-equalizer scanning delivers an unobstructed view of the IC signal. VITESSE SEMICONDUCTOR CORP., Camarillo, CA. (800) 848-3773.


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