Electronic Design

What It Stands For

ANSI = American National Standards Institute
ATSC = Advanced Television Systems Committee
A/V = Audio/Video
A/VC = Audio/Video Control
AVHDD = Audio-Video Hard-Disk Drive
CEA = Consumer Electronics Association
CD = Compact Disk
DSTB = Digital Set-Top Box
DTCP = Digital Transmission Content Protection
DTLA = Digital Transmission Licensing Authority
DTS = Digital Theater System
DTV = Digital TV
DV = Digital Video
DVB = Digital Video Broadcasting
DVD = Digital Video Disk
DVD-R/W = Digital Video Disk-Read/Write
DVI = Digital Video Interface
EIA = Electronic Industries Association
HAVi = Home Audio-Video Interoperability
IEC = International Electrotechnical Commission
IP = Intellectual Property
LPS = Link Power Status
MPEG = Moving Picture Experts Group
MPEG-2 = A graphics and video standard
NCITS = National Committee for Information Technology Standards
OSD = On-Screen Display
PHY = Physical
PIDs = Program Identifiers
PAT = Program Association Table
PMT = Program Map Table
SBP-3 = Serial Bus Protocol 3
S-Video = Super-Video
VHS = Video recording format developed by JVC Corp.
YUV = Represents the NTSC/PAL color space component video

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