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Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Combo Packs Two Radios On Two Chips

Implementing the analog and digital functionality of two complete radios on just two chips, Mobilian's TrueRadio chip set delivers the most highly integrated Wi-Fi/Bluetooth reference design available.

The set fully complies with the Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11b) and Bluetooth 1.1 specifications and enables co-located, standalone, or true simultaneous operation of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Also, it supports applications that cannot tolerate even minor interruptions in signal transmission, such as voice and audiovisual applications.

TrueRadio is based on Mobilian's proprietary Sim-Op technology. This system-level approach uses a number of major techniques, including Active Cancellation and Deferred Transmission, that mitigate any interference between Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals.

Deferred Transmission is an intelligence-based, medium-access controller (MAC), layer-switching technique that exercises complete control over network traffic generated by Bluetooth and 802.11b packets. The Active Cancellation method applies traditional echo-cancellation design techniques to reduce noise created by adjacent channel interference, ensuring both signals are as clean as if they were operating in a Wi-Fi-only or Bluetooth-only environment.

The set includes the MN22100 biCMOS analog chip, which integrates the analog front ends for both Wi-FI and Bluetooth. This chip provides Bluetooth power control, programmable gain stages, and physical-layer-level interference management technology. The MN22100 is packaged in a 68-pin QFN and operates from a 3.3-V supply.

The MN12100 CMOS digital chip integrates the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth basebands and MACs, linking them together through a MAC-level interference-management control block. Packaged in a 208-pin FPBGA, it operates with a 1.8-V core power supply and a 3.3-V interface. Powered by an ARM7TDMI embedded processor core, the MN12100 performs all of the control and system management tasks and provides the host and memory interfaces.

The chip set achieves an industry-leading Bluetooth receiver sensitivity of -91 dBm. Its hardware Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) security encryption engine supports 40- and 128-bit encryption.

TrueRadio supports miniPCI, PCMCIA, PCI, and USB 1.1 interfaces as well as Windows 98/2000/ME/XP operating systems. A production-level tool is included for configuration, monitoring, and diagnostics.

The TrueRadio chip set targets PCs, wireless networking cards and access points, and PDAs. It enables a combination Wi-Fi/Bluetooth card solution with a total bill of materials of $35 or less. Development platforms and samples are currently available.

Mobilian Corp., (888) 314-3606; www.mobilian.com.

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