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Wide Availability Of 10 GbE Drives Sends Users To IP SANs

Neterion Inc. has announced the broad availability of its Xframe 10-Gbit Ethernet adapters by tier 1 storage OEMs. The company said vendors have launched the 10 GbE option for their product lines over the last six months, and shipments have been ramping up since then. 10 GbE storage area networks (SANs) can be used as a replacement for or a complement to Fibre Channel installations. Storage products equipped with Xframe provide integrated NAS and iSCSI functions to deliver high performance, availability, and scalability, as well as advanced management functionality and virtual file-system technology.

By deploying IP SANs at 10 GbE speeds, storage clients can build flexible, scalable storage platforms and move data at high speeds to locations throughout the world, in effect creating a global SAN. 10 GbE storage platforms support simplified, web-based management systems along with other storage and data-management tools, In addition, customers now have a broad array of 10 GbE IP SAN options they can choose from, based on their price-performance and configuration requirements.


Check with the company for availability information.


Check with the company for pricing information.


Visit www.neterion.com.

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