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Wideband Current-Feedback Amp Boosts Wireless, Video Processing

The OPA695 low-power, current-feedback amplifier carries impressive bandwidth credentials at low and high gains. Developed by Texas Instruments' Burr-Brown division, it's well suited for video signal processing, wireless-system IF circuits, cable modems, and test instruments.

Its 4300-V/µs slew rate has a bandwidth of >450 MHz and a gain of +8, which aligns it well with a low-power, high dynamic range IF amplifier. At lower gains (+2), the slew rate is 2500V/µs with a bandwidth of 1.4 GHz. In this form, the amplifier is a good fit for high-resolution RGB video processing requiring high pixel update rates.

Additional features include a low input noise voltage of 18 nV/(check)Hz, a high third-order intercept of >30 dBm through 120 mHz, and a high output voltage swing of ±4.2 V with ±5-V supplies. The OPA695 can operate from a single supply in the 5- to 12-V range. Supply current is 12.9 mA.

The OPA695 comes in SO-8 and SOT23-6 packages and temperature ranges of 0°C to 70°C and −40°C to 85°C. It costs $1.35 in 1000-unit lots.

Texas Instruments Inc.

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