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WiMedia-Compatible Chip Set Suits Video Transfer Applications

Comprising the CMOS TZR7200 RF chip and the TZB7200 MAC baseband chip, the WiMedia-compatible ZeroWire chip set from TZero offers features that make it a top choice for video transfer. The unique RF chip has two complete receivers and one transmitter, making it possible to implement a 2-by-1 MIMO scheme.

This technique, which is employed in the latest Wi-Fi 802.11n wireless local-area network (WLAN) spec, can be used to boost data rate and improve range, reliability, and robustness of a wireless link. TZero uses the technique to boost range and improve the link’s reliability and robustness. Maximum data rate stays at 480 Mbits/s, but it can achieve a greater range. While the typical UWB link fades beyond about 10 m, especially indoors, TZero can deliver a solid 20 m or more indoors. That’s a major achievement and a pure necessity for video transfer.

The key market for ZeroWire is video, as the chip set makes it possible to implement a real Wireless HDMI replacement. HDMI is the de facto interface for HDTV, though it is expensive and cable length is generally limited to about 15 ft, if you can afford it. The TZero reference design for Wireless HDMI uses either H.264 (MPEG-4) or JPEG2000 compression. Both of these are so good that it is generally impossible for a consumer to tell compressed video with one these standards from an uncompressed video stream. Most video—whether it comes to you by cable, IPTV, or over the air—is compressed anyway.

Hitachi has already integrated the TZero chip set into its Wooo line of HDTV sets. Gefen, a manufacturer of video interconnects, has a new HDMI Extender line that consists of a separate transmitter for the cable box or DVD and a dual-antenna/receiver MIMO receiver box for the TV set. The ZeroWire chip set is inside.

TZero Technologies


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