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WiQuest Communications’ WQST110/101 Chipset

WiQuest Communications
WQST110/101 Chipset

WiQuest Communications has announced the availability of its WQST110 and WQST101 chipset, the industry's first commercially-available, high-performance silicon delivering ultrawideband (UWB) communications speeds up to 1 Gb/s.
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More Info:
Based on the WiMedia UWB physical layer (PHY) and media access controller (MAC) specifications, the WQST110 builds upon and extends the performance capabilities of UWB communications systems, paving the way for high-speed wireless cable-replacement applications. The companion WQST101 RF transceiver chip combines with the WQST110 to provide the first complete UWB solution for manufacturers of PC and peripheral systems, consumer electronics, home entertainment, portable gaming, multimedia platforms, mobile devices and more.
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The WQST110 combines a baseband PHY, MAC engine, high-speed security processor, quality of service (QoS) manager and a variety of host interfaces, all in one highlyintegrated design. Designed to optimize the UWB system bill of materials, the WQST110 also contains a complete highspeed USB subsystem including controller and transceiver, removing any additional USB component cost. Also eliminated is the need for external memory. And according to the company, the chip's innovative architecture provides excellent power control and management for longer battery life in mobile devices. Finally, this IC also implements a tightlycoupled interface with the WQST101 RF transceiver to ensure wireless chipset performance, robustness and reliability.


  1. The chip's versatile USB subsystem supports both host-side and device-side connectivity through firmware-controlled configuration management. Coupled with WiQuest software drivers, the WQST110 is well-suited for all Certified Wireless USB applications.
  2. The WQST110/101 chipset has been designed to conform to WiMedia specifications and compliance requirements, thereby providing customers with full industry interoperability of WiMedia features while delivering even higher performance capabilities for unique and innovative UWB applications.


How About an Evaluation Kit?
In addition to the new chipset, WiQuest is also announcing the immediate availability of the WQST100EVK, a complete UWB system evaluation kit that contains silicon and software for customer assessment, testing, and product development.

Speeding Time-to-Market
To assist customers with quick design support and system integration, WiQuest offers complete reference designs for Certified Wireless USB applications, including daughtercard modules, external plug-in 'dongles' and USB embedded device/hub implementations. These reference designs include schematics, layout details, bill of materials and design documentation. Software support packages including firmware and device drivers are available in conjunction with these hardware reference designs, which support host wired adapter (HWA), device wired adapter (DWA), dual role device (DRD), as well as Certified Wireless USB device implementations.

Pricing and Availability
WQST110 and WQST101 samples and the WQST100EVK platform are available immediately. For specific product and pricing information, call the number above or e-mail [email protected]


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