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Wireless Base Station Power Amps Employ Real-Time Feedback

The Class M Power PW8100 and PW21200 digital multi-carrier power amplifier modules feature a high level of integration that promises to simplify the design and manufacture of multi-carrier power amplifiers. Enlisting the company's Class M Power technology, the modules digitize and linearize RF signals in the digital domain via real-time feedback. The result is reportedly the wireless industry’s first fully integrated linearization technology resulting also in benchmarks for size. The PW8100 module measures 9.4 cm by 4.7 cm by 2.1 cm, the size of a business card. In addition, the modules' digital architecture forecasts an average amplifier efficiency of 25%. Both modules can be paralleled to meet the requirements of micro and macro cells, plus remote radio heads. The PW8100 module targets the 800-MHz CDMA market and is scalable in 100 W peak-power increments. The PW21200 handles the 2100-MHz WCDMA market and is scalable in 200 W peak-power increments. The PW8100 and PW21200 will be sampling in April and July, respectively.

Austin TX.
(512) 437-2600.

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