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Wireless Devices Operate In 868 To 870 MHz Band

This line of low power wireless SAW components and hybrid transmitters and receivers are designed to conform to ETSI/CEPT regulations applying to low power, short range devices (SRDs). The RO2156A and RO2164A Tx resonators, RO2165A and RO2166A LO resonators, RF1336B and RF1319B receive filters, HX3004B and HX3007B transmitters, and RX3004B and RX3007B receivers all are designed to operate somewhere within the 868 to 870 MHz band, thereby helping resolve the interference problems associated with the present 433.92 MHz band caused by prioritized ISM equipment, high power amateur and licensed services. The new band supports applications such as data collection, automotive/home security, and short-range radio communications links. The firm has developed SAW resonator components for discrete transmitters, resonators for -10.7 MHz offset local oscillators, and front-end filters for receivers. It has also adapted hybrid transmitter and ASH receiver products to support the band requirements within three sub-bands. All devices meet the frequency stability and applications requirements for each band.

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