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Wireless I/O Module Bridges Analog, Digital, And UART Data

Wireless I/O Module Bridges Analog, Digital, And UART Data

The DataBridge wireless I/O module is used for point-to-point bridging of analog, digital, and UART data. Two modules automatically link together and function as a wireless cable, bridging both sides through a low-latency, full-duplex wireless link. Each module includes six digital inputs, six digital outputs, two analog inputs, two analog outputs, and UART transmit and receive. Sampling and repetition rate is 200 times per second with a latency of 5 ms. Using jumpers, each DataBridge device is configurable as a master or slave and up to 16 device pairs can operate in the same area by setting a network ID. UART baud rates are also configurable without software and can display all I/O and status information. No software configuration or programming is required. For more details, contact Michael Starman at Starman Electric Inc., San Luis Obispo, CA. (805) 748-6492.


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