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Wireless Laptop Access Solution Uses 3G Technologies

Laptop users typically access the Internet via Wi-Fi and a nearby hotspot or access point. Alternatively, they may have a plug-in USB device or PC card for GSM/EDGE/WCDMA or CDMA. Soon, they also will be able to get embedded Internet access and e-mail from any of their nearby 3G cellular services thanks to Qualcomm’s Gobi system.

Mixing Qualcomm’s MDM1000 chip set, related software, and APIs, Gobi supports the most popular and available 3G data services. These include cdma2000 EV-DO with Rev. A as well as UMTS WCDMA plus HSDPA/HSUPA and EDGE. It supports all four popular cellular bands. Gobi also includes receive diversity and power management.

While most laptops will continue to include Wi-Fi, this embedded option gives laptop owners a wider choice of wireless suppliers, longer range, and worldwide coverage. The chip set accelerates Internet access and makes mobile TV, music downloads, and gaming possible from almost anywhere. Its built-in GPS capability makes all sorts of location-based services possible as well.

More and more laptop manufacturers are moving to embedded wireless capability rather than USB or PC card plug-ins. By covering both types of 3G networks, Gobi eliminates compromised coverage and carrier choice decisions. And with the potential competition from embedded WiMAX in laptops coming soon, Qualcomm is supplying an additional alternative for full wireless access via available 3G services.

Qualcomm Inc.

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