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Wireless Networking Comes Home

We've all been exposed to the benefits of wireless technology in one form or another. In our personal lives, we rely heavily on cell phones. To make us more productive in our professional lives, we use devices like PDAs and PCs. In those capacities, the use of wireless technology is almost a given. But bringing that same technology into our homes often seems like a daunting challenge. It's a task that typically requires time, a certain level of expertise, and a lot of money.

Many consumers want to have a wireless home multimedia environment. But they don't want to spend the entire season struggling with its installation and setup. This holiday season, a more hassle-free approach may be found in SMC Networks' EZ-Stream Universal Wireless Multimedia Receiver (SMCWMR-AG). As the first member of a planned family of home-entertainment networking products, this offering is a high-end networked entertainment receiver. It streams, plays, and shares audio (including MP3 and Internet radio), pictures, and video from the networked PC to the home entertainment center (See Photo). With a manufacturer suggested retail price (MSRP) of just $249.99, it's guaranteed not to break the bank!

The EZ-Stream Universal Wireless Multimedia Receiver connects to the wired or wireless network for access to the Internet resources, music, photos, and videos that are stored on a computer's hard drive. It links to entertainment devices, such as televisions and stereo receivers, via standard A/V connectors. To ease both setup and operation, the receiver comes fully equipped with an EZ Installation Wizard. This "wizard" promises to make loading the software on the PC virtually idiot-proof.

Web-based management provides additional user-friendly setup tools. In addition, an intuitive TV user interface allows the consumer to walk through the entire setup from the comfort of his or her family-room couch. It's also a breeze to stay current with the EZ-Stream Receiver, thanks to its Smart Box Management capability. Upon power-up, the receiver searches automatically for available firmware updates.

The EZ-Stream Universal Wireless Multimedia Receiver is now available at local retailers. It features the 802.11a/g networking technology from Atheros. Additional high-performance Universal Wireless 802.11a/g products will join the EZ-Stream Receiver this holiday season. They plan to optimize the connections between the server and computing, gaming, or other network-capable devices.

SMC Networks
38 Tesla, Irvine, CA 92618; (949) 679-8000, FAX: (949) 679-1481, www.smc.com.

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