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Wireless: Smaller Radio Chip Ups Sensitivity And Boosts Range By 50%

The MICRF010, the latest addition to the QwikRadio family, features the same high performance as the previous MICRF009. However, it comes in a smaller SOIC-8 package. The MICRF010 has a frequency range of 300 to 440 MHz and a data rate up to 2.0 kbits/s (Manchester encoding), and it consumes little current—just 2.9 mA (fully operational) at 315 MHz. It also offers sensitivity typically 6 dB higher than earlier eight-pin QwikRadio receiver ICs in the company's RF product family. This increase in sensitivity equates to a 50% increase in range. The solution additionally offers quicker recovery from shutdown, typically 3 ms. This RF transceiver targets a wide variety of applications in the automotive, industrial, and consumer markets and costs as little as $1.94 each in 1000-unit quantities.

Micrel Inc.

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