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Wireless Transceivers Handle Short-Range Data Transfers

With all RF filters and active devices contained within a tiny module, the TR-series ASH transceivers stand ready to add wireless connectivity to body-worn and handheld products. The first three members of the family include: the 916.5-MHz TR1000, for short-range data-link uses in North America; the 868.35-MHz TR1001, for short-range wireless applications in Europe and Scandinavia under the new I-ETS 300 220-1 regulations; and the 433.92-MHz TR3000, designed for the current I-ETS 300 220 regulations. On the receive side, a log detector teams with digital AGC to achieve 100 dB of dynamic range for robust performance in the presence of in-band interference. On the transmit side, users can choose OOK or ASK modulation- the former offers direct compatibility with the firm's HX/RX Series products, while the latter supports data rates to 115.2 kbps. The metal-ceramic hybrids measure 0.28" x 0.40" x 0.08".

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