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Wireless: Ultra-Wideband And JPEG2000 Team Up For Wireless HD Video

The first real-time compression and wireless transmission of high-definition (HD) video for consumer applications is possible with the combination of Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology and the ADV202, a real-time HD implementation of the JPEG2000 standard. The SURF ( spatial ultra-efficient recursive filtering) wavelet technology in the ADV202 enables real-time compression and resolution scalability. The combination drastically reduces the visual impact of errors that occur in wireless transmission channels, producing good image quality even in noisy environments. In addition to the ADV202 compression engine, which handles the HD signal, the solution includes the Continuous Wave (CWave) UWB architecture, which forms the foundation of a 1-Gbit/s UWB radio. CWave differs from other UWB technology, as its signal is derived from a narrow-band frequency that's modulated to create a UWB signal spectrum. For OEM pricing, contact the respective companies.

Analog Devices Inc.


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