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WLAN Modules Extend Throughput

WLAN Modules Extend Throughput

Forecasting benchmark levels of throughput and streaming performance, the WLM400 and WLM402 802.11b/g modules are based on the Marvell 8686 WLAN chipset and include embedded drivers, and an embedded industrial TCP/IP stack. They team an ARM9 application processor and a unique host/device API to provide a streaming channel that can deliver 12 Mb/s of data throughput with an 802.11g link and minimal power consumption. The WLM400 meets FCC/IC standards while the WLM402 meets CE standards. Other shared features include support for antenna diversity, a range of 1,500m in 802.11b, and multiple host interface ports including UART, SPI, 10/100 Ethernet, and USB. A hardware-development kit is available with a reference hardware design and sample code in the form of a software development kit. LAIRD TECHNOLOGIES, St. Louis, MO. (866) 928-8181.


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