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XRONet’s Mobile WiMAX Chipset Boosts Performance, Trims Power

The company's latest chipset consists of a baseband MAC/PHY SoC (XRO7000) and RF transceiver (XRO3000) for Mobile WiMAX Wave2/Wave1/WiBro terminals. Both devices support all features of the Mobile WiMAX Wave2 profile and reportedly exceed the performance requirements. According to the company, the chipset raises the bar on the performance-to-power ratio. A hardwired 2x2 MIMO OFDMA engine provides spatial multiplexing, doubling the data rate, and space-time coding, doubling the cell range. Its MIMO algorithm reportedly delivers the maximum likelihood (ML) performance, the theoretical limit of Spatial multiplexing, at a fraction of power consumption of conventional ML algorithms. Additionally, the chipset’s optional two transmitters boost the capacity of uplink as well. A baseband-RF single chip solution will sample in the first quarter of 2008. XRONET CORP., Korea. +82-31-719-2088.


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