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Zarlink Unveils Implantable Radio Chip

For medical applications that include implanted pacemakers, defibrillators, neural stimulators, drug pumps, and physiological monitors, the ZL70101 transceiver, an ultra low-power RF system-on-a-chip promises high data rates, low power consumption, and employs unique wake-up circuitry. The device uses the company's MICS technology, which eliminates the need for accurately positioning an inductive wand over the implanted device. Data can be stored in the implanted medical device’s memory and wirelessly transmitted to a base station without patient intervention. The transceiver integrates a wake-up receiver that allows it to operate in sleep mode, consuming 250 nA of current. Communication is then initiated using a specially coded wake-up signal from the base station transmitter. In full operation, the ZL70101 typically consumes 5 mA of supply current. Available as implantable-grade, wire-bondable die or in a 48-pin QFN (quad flat no-lead) package, the chip is fully supported by a reference system and application-development kit. ZARLINK SEMICONDUCTOR, Ottawa, Canada. (613) 592-0200.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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