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ZigBee Module Features Full Mesh Networking Capabilities

The XBee Series 2 ZigBee module from MaxStream includes full mesh networking capabilities in a reliable and easy to use device targeting wireless monitoring and control applications. In addition to full self-discovery/self healing mesh networking, the 2.4-GHz module supports coordinators, routers, and end devices, as well as low-power sleep modes.

The XBee Series 2, which is based on the Ember EM250 system-on-a-chip, features a 16-bit microprocessor, 128-kbit flash memory, and four antenna options: a chip antenna, a wire whip, a U.FL connector, or an RPSMA connector. MaxStream’s X-CTU software enables network designers to easily test and configure ZigBee networks, including node recognition and network management tools.

Development kits are available now for $339. For more information, go to www.maxstream.net.

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