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When consuming multimedia or listening to music, consumers around the world expect a high-quality audio experience. Cirrus Logic products, such as audio converters and smart codecs, provide both high-fidelity and loudness. Cirrus Logic is also a market leader in boosted amplifiers that deliver both louder and higher-quality sound output for a better user experience.

Leveraging our expertise in voice-related technology, Cirrus Logic’s products help enable a rich user interaction – all from your voice. From high-quality phone conversations, voice commands and voice biometric security, Cirrus Logic’s voice products deliver enhanced performance for a variety of consumer devices.

Cirrus Logic is also delivering enhanced user experiences with our haptics and sensing products. Think about this: All of those mechanical buttons on your mobile phone or on your car’s dashboard? That “feedback” sensation you’re used to feeling when pressing a mechanical button could soon be generated digitally through haptics feedback generated by our ultra small haptics ICs. This technology is enabling new product form factors using the latest materials and delivering a wide variety of amazing consumer experiences.

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IC Pair Drives Superior PC Audio Experience

July 19, 2023
PC and laptop audio performance is enhanced by this IC set that also delivers output power, low THD, and other benefits.
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Adaptive Mobile-Device Amp Embeds Advanced Algorithms for Immersive Audio

April 12, 2021
The Cirrus Logic CS35L45 smart power amplifier brings wider, deeper audio to mobile devices using an advanced algorithm that tailors output to audio-level dynamics while monitoring...
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Haptics-Driver IC Enhances LRA, VCM Performance and User Experience

June 12, 2020
Cirrus Logic’s CS40L25 family of haptics drivers provides sophisticated power and algorithm-driven performance for both linear-resonant actuator (LRA) and voice-coil motor (VCM...
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Smartphone Amp Delivers Enriched Sound, Power Savings in Tiny Package

March 8, 2019
By merging DSP-driven algorithms, Class H dc-rail boost, Class D audio amplifier, smart battery management, and other features, this amp provides high-performance, highly efficient...
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IoT Sensor Micros Need to Sip Power

July 16, 2018
Minimal power consumption is the watchword for IoT sensors, and multiple pathways can be taken to reach this goal.
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IoT Frameworks: The Ties That Bind

Nov. 14, 2017
Frameworks and services provide a fast way to deliver IoT products, but there’s a catch: It’s very hard to build that “walled garden” alone.

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Products of the Week

Products of the Week: High-Side Switches, High-Performance Audio ADCs

June 30, 2023
New products and solutions making waves across the electronics industry.

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What’s the Difference Between Passive and Active Noise Cancellation?

Nov. 8, 2017
Noise-canceling headphones have the ability to significantly reduce the amount of noise in the surrounding environment using two noise-canceling technologies – active and passive...
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Capture Cirrus Logic’s Alexa Voice Capture Development Kit for Amazon AVS

Oct. 12, 2017
Technology Editor Bill Wong gives Cirrus Logic’s Alexa Voice Capture Development Kit for Amazon AVS a spin.