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1 W Micro Speaker Utilizes Silicone Membrane

1 W Micro Speaker Utilizes Silicone Membrane

11x15 mm speaker utilizes silicone membrane and 1 W power handling capacity with 94 dB maximum sound pressure level.

The new Cobra miniature speaker from Knowles utilizes a 1 W power handling capacity to provide exceptional loudness in portable consumer devices and handheld applications. With 94 dB maximum sound pressure level, the transducer boasts a new standard for mobile phone speakers in the 11x15 mm industry reference dimension. The speaker also utilizes a company exclusive silicone membrane which boasts high excursion rates and superior robustness. The advanced membrane technology safeguards a long component lifetime at high power settings and enables sound pressure levels at low frequencies, resulting in improved bass performance. Also available is the Cobra Side-fire speaker, a side-porting version of the Cobra speaker with a lateral sound outlet already integrated in the cover of the component. This pre-tested and integrated acoustic solution ports out of the side of the mobile device, enabling thinner application heights and a faster time to market for handset OEMs. Consumers benefit from no muffled sound when holding the phone in their hand or when it is lying on a table.


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