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1.5-A Buck Regulator Withstands 60-V Input

The LT1766 step-down 200-kHz switching regulator IC from Linear Technology features a peak switch current of 15 A. Able to withstand from 5.5 to 60 V of input, it achieves a high efficiency of up to 90% under a wide range of loads.

Unlike other high-voltage switches that have a 1- to 2-V drop that causes low efficiency, the LT1766's low-resistance on-chip switch (300 mV at 1.5 A) delivers high efficiency even at low input voltages.

A patented slope-compensation circuit maintains 1.5 A of peak switch current over the entire duty cycle range. This makes the LT1766 ideal for telecommunication, industrial, and automotive applications that must operate across a wide range of input voltages. Its current-mode topology provides fast transient response and excellent loop stability.

The LT1766 can be synchronized up to 700 kHz with logic-level inputs. It features a low shutdown supply current of only 25 µA. Internal control circuitry is powered directly from the output, minimizing the power drawn from the input supply.

Also, the device incorporates all oscillator, control, and protection circuitry for a complete switching regulator. It's packaged in a small 16-lead SSOP, which is significantly smaller than competitive solutions. And, it's available in commercial and industrial temperature ranges.

Pricing starts at $3.65 each for the commercial-grade parts and $4.35 each for the industrial-grade parts, both in 1000-piece quantities.

Linear Technology Corp., 1630 McCarthy Blvd., Milpitas, CA 95035-7417; (408) 432-1900; fax (408) 434-6441;

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