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19" Metal Desktop Enclosures Offer Modularity

The RiCase line of 19" desktop housings comprises modular, completely metal units whose dimensions are easily changed to accommodate a variety of components. The housings are said to offer superior physical protection as well as effective EMC shielding, which is achieved by means of conductive bonding between all chromated aluminum housing components. In addition, the housings have an integrated system of installation slots to facilitate easy component mounting at variable depths.The housings also offer flexible deployment options. As a desktop unit, they can be used as a tower or in the conventional style. With the addition of an optional handle, the housings become portable. Their symmetrical design allows subracks to be installed from both the front and the rear. And the housings' depth dimension is identical to that of the company's Ripac subracks, allowing the back of the subrack to become the back of the RiCase housing.Other features include slide rails that ensure support for heavier contents and side clip-down handles for easy transport. Cases come in heights of 1U, 2U, 3U, 4U, 6U and 7U.

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