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200-MHz VCXO Employs Inverted Mesa Crystal

By utilizing an inverted mesa quartz crystal, the VC-8000 VCXO combines higher frequency, lower noise, increased stability, wider pullability range, and faster on/off times than is possible with an ordinary quartz crystal. The device works as a signal-enhancing filter for asynchronous communication systems that embed their own content data, clock, and error-correction data. Acting like a high-Q filter, the unit re-generates the incoming signal from scratch and stops noise, jitter, or other perturbations from getting through, resulting in a re-generated signal that is noise free. A voltage controlled reference output frequency is up to 200 MHz, with less than 1 ps jitter, and an overall frequency stability of ±30 ppm. Prices are from $39 to $49 each/10,000.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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