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2.5-Gbps Clock/Data Recovery IC Needs No External Reference

The S3047, a SONET/SDH/ATM clock and data recovery device for 2.5-Gbps (OC-48) data rates, is capable of operation without an external reference clock. At half the size and lower in cost than competing devices, S3047 IC is said to meet or exceed the specialized needs of optical module manufacturers. It complies with ANSI, Bellcore and ITU-T specifications for jitter tolerance, transfer and generation.The device uses a self-acquisition phase-locked loop (PLL) to eliminate the need for an external reference clock. It's targeted for use by designers of optical modules and in Dense Wave Division Multiplexing applications.The S3047 supports clock recovery for OC-48 scrambled NRZ data and uses an on-chip PLL consisting of a phase detector, loop filter and VCO.

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