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Electronic Design

30-MHz Programmable Oscillator Marches To Users' Beat

The LP030 30-MHz programmable oscillator locks to a user-supplied reference frequency and generates a low-noise sinewave output from 1 µHz to 30 MHz. It combines a digital phase-locked loop (DPLL) with a 48-bit direct digital synthesis ASIC, enabling the output to be programmed in exact 1-µHz steps with no fractional frequency error. The LP030 tracks the accuracy and stability of the reference, and the DPLL filters jitter from the reference signal. The unit accepts any frequency from 8 kHz to 19.44 MHz in 8-kHz steps. It can use standard telecom sources as references, including 1.544 MHz (T1), 2.048 MHz (E1), 4.096 MHz, 1 MHz, 5 MHz, and 10 MHz. The LP030 costs $275 in 100-unit quantities.

Novatech Instruments Inc.; (206) 363-4367

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