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300-V Ultra-Fast Diodes Reduce Power Losses By 18%

Four 300-V ultra-fast diodes have been added to a family of fast-recovery diodes (FREDs). This line now includes 8-A (8ETH03), 15-A (15ETH03), and 30-A (30EPH03, 30CPH03) devices optimized for 48-V switch-mode power-supply (SMPS) systems for telecom and datacom applications.

The ultra-fast diodes feature 50% lower reverse recovery current (IRRM) compared to competitive devices. They also have smaller forward conduction losses (lower VF) and lower reverse recovery time (TRR) compared to 400-V devices. The improvements in IRRM, TRR, and VF result in best-in-class performance with 3% lower losses than the industry-best 300-V device and up to an 18% reduction in power losses when compared in-circuit to the industry-best 400-V ultrafast diode.

In addition, these 300-V ultrafast diodes run up to 4°C cooler than other devices. The FREDs have a breakdown voltage of 300 V, providing a sufficient safety margin for 48-V output circuits. The rating also eliminates the snubber circuit required by 200-V diodes. The new devices additionally optimize the balance between forward voltage drop and reverse recovery time. They also show a softer recovery wave shape.

The 300-V ultra-fast diodes cost between $0.56 and $1.35 each in 10,000-unit quantities.

International Rectifier
(310) 252-7105; www.irf.com

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