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32.768-kHz TCXO Accurate To ±2 ppm From 0¡C To 40¡C

Precision timekeeping for large computer networks, financial transaction processing systems, and timed-access communications is the claimed forte of DS32KHz temperature-compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO). Meeting the 1998 European network server recommendation for real-time clock accuracy, the 32.768-kHz TCXO offers an accuracy of as great as ±1 minute/year (±2 ppm) over a 0°C to 40°C temperature range and within ±4 minutes/year (±7.5 ppm) over a -40°C to 85°C span. The TCXO's output can be used to drive the X1 input of most RTC chips, chipsets and other RTC-containing ICs. Inside the SMT package are a quartz crystal and temperature compensation IC. No external trimming capacitors are required, and no calibration is needed after the device leaves the factory. Battery backed for continuous timekeeping, the oscillator can operate from a 2.7V to 5.5V supply, with current consumption in the battery-backed mode rated at 1 µA. The device comes packaged in a 36-pin, 0.4" x 0.45" x 0.18" BGA, with only four pin connections needed for opeation.


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