Electronic Design

3.3-V Clock Oscillators And VCXOs Function Up To 800 MHz

Members of a family of low-jitter 3.3-V clock oscillators and voltage-controlled crystal oscillators (VCXOs) operate at frequencies up to 800 MHz. The M5RJ series oscillator and the MPV3J series VCXO are both available with LVPECL or LVDS output in a 9- by 14-mm J-lead ceramic package. They offer maximum integrated jitter as low as 0.5 ps RMS (12 to 20 MHz) at frequencies over 600 MHz. The devices' complementary output characteristics provide superior common-mode noise rejection, making them ideal for optical carrier and Gigabit Ethernet applications. At frequencies of 622.08 MHz, pricing for the M5RJ and MPV3J series devices starts at $45.43 in high-volume quantities.

M-Tron Industries
www.mtron.com; (605) 665-9321

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