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3.3V TCXOs And VCTCXOs Rated Up To 40 MHz

With frequency ratings ranging from 9.6 to 40 MHz, the VT1000 and VT1900 series of TCXOs and VCTCXOs are available in SMT and through-hole styles with frequency trimmer adjustment provided. VT1000 measures 0.461" x 0.721" x 0.185" and VT1900, 0.449" x 0.378" x 0.154". Standard frequency stability vs. temperature (-30°C to 70°C) is ±2.5 x 10-6; vs. supply voltage is ±0.2 x 10-6; vs. aging is ±1 x 10-6/year maximum. Supply voltage is 3.3V or 5V. Current consumption is 2 mA (clipped sine), 40 mA (HCMOS). Output is 1 Vpk-pk minimum, clipped sinewave or HCMOS. Control voltage for VT1000 is ±2V.


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