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360° PT15 Rotary Control Rotates Endlessly

360° PT15 Rotary Control Rotates Endlessly


White-goods and appliance product designers can give users full rotational access across the normal stops that have had limited rotation with Piher’s PT15 endless rotary control. This 360° version adds endless clockwise or counterclockwise rotation, which translates into various off-the-shelf mounting methods, custom ohmic values, tight linearity, and seven different rotor designs and 15 standard shaft styles. The full rotational access enables product command features over a 340° range (active electrical travel). The endless rotation can be combined with detents to give users tactile feedback on each setting and selection (up to 51 unique and repeatable detent positions). Other features include flame-retardant plastics, rotors and shafts, long cycle life, surface-mount capability, and custom electrical angles. The device is engineered to serve as a cost-effective control potentiometer for most consumer applications (e.g., ovens, ranges, dishwashers, HVAC, etc.), and fits many automotive convenience electronic applications.


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