39-nH Inductor Comes In 01005 (EIA) Package

39-nH Inductor Comes In 01005 (EIA) Package

Murata’s 39-nH LQP02TN39 inductor is the largest inductance part available in a standard ultra-miniature 01005 (EIA) package size, according to the company. Measuring 0.4 by 0.2 by 0.2 mm, it’s the highest value in a series of 59 parts that ranges from 39, 33, 27, and 22 nH down to 0.2 nH. Tolerance from the nominal inductance value is within ±0.1 nH for inductors up to 4.2 nH and within ±3% for all values. The LQP02TN series suits use in cell phones, wireless local-area networks (LANs), and many other high-frequency circuits. With their extremely small footprint, these inductors meet the growing trend for further miniaturization and functional enhancement of smart phones and other compact consumer electronics devices.


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