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3U cPCI Has 13 Slots, Three Hot-Swap Supplies

Especially useful where faults and interrupts cannot be tolerated, such as in industrial automation, telecomm, and medical systems, the cPCIS-2103 chassis is a 3U high, 19'' rack-mountable or tabletop enclosure that is PICMG 2.0-compliant. It can support up to 12 application peripherals while leaving enough room for the system CPU, three redundant, hot-swap power supplies, and a PCI-to-PCI bridge for added expansion. In a 4U high form-factor, the chassis can be used to assemble a wide range of 3U cPCI cards in an EMC/EMI-resistant chassis. The added slots can be configured with six slots on the primary side and six on the secondary side for 32-bit user-defined cards for peripherals. Prices for the chassis start at $1,990 each/100. For more details, call Alan Wells at ADLINK TECHNOLOGY INC., Irvine, CA. (949) 727-2077.


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