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4U Chassis Includes Special System Management Features

This 4U, five-slot horizontal Advanced-TCA (ATCA) chassis provides features for system management and chassis cooling. In terms of system management, allotments are available for the IPM Sentry shelf manager, which performs basic voltage, fan speed, and temperature monitoring. It also adjusts fan speed in relation to temperature within the chassis and sends out remote alarms via an RS-232 or 10/100 Ethernet interface. Additionally, IPM Sentry can be programmed to detect backplane topology and maintain a system event log, along with a sensor data record. The backplane is a five-slot mesh ATCA configuration compliant to PICMG 3.0 specs. The chassis holds five 8U x 280 mm blades on 1.2" spacing and includes rear I/O options for 8U x 70 mm cards. Side-to-side cooling is by way of two fans with a maximum airflow of 190 cfm, with the cooling system capable of dissipating up to 1 kW. For servicing, the filter and fan trays are independently removable. Price starts under $3,300. ELMA ELECTRONIC INC., Fremont, CA. (510) 656-3400.


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