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70 dB MEMS Microphone Enhances Human To Electronics Interface

World’s first RF-hardened 70 dB differential analog output MEMS microphone boasts very high SNR and extended wideband frequency response.

InvenSense is now sampling the world’s first 70 dB analog MEMS microphone for the consumer electronic market to select customers. The ICS-40720 is an RF-hardened, high performance, ultra low-noise, low-power, differential analog output MEMS microphone. Utilizing the company’s patented InvenSense Fabrication Platform and patent-pending MotionFusion technology, the new microphone package combines an innovative new MEMS sensor with an advanced ultra low-noise signal conditioning amplifier to meet the market requirement for a human-like interface between people and consumer electronics via improved performance, accuracy and intuitive motion-, gesture- and sound-based interfaces. The MEMS microphone boasts very high SNR and extended wideband frequency response for excellent sound quality and intelligibility. With its small size (4 x 3 x 1.2 mm) and low current consumption (160 µA), the ICS-40720 MEMS microphone enables longer battery life for consumer electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, digital still/video cameras, teleconferencing systems, Bluetooth headsets, notebook PCs, and security/surveillance.


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