8-Mpixel Image Sensor Facilitates Upgrades

8-Mpixel Image Sensor Facilitates Upgrades

CMOSIS’s CMV8000 8-Mpixel, 105-frame/s image sensor fills the resolution gap between the company’s existing CMV4000 and CMV12000 image sensors, while offering the same electro-optical performance. Compatibility with the CMV2000 and 4000 eases migration.

Featuring a 4/3-in. optical format, the sensor comes with 3360 by 2496 5.5-µm active pixels. Its patented 8T pixel architecture offers low noise and enhanced global shuttering. Implementation of row- and column-oriented optical black pixels supports additional noise cancellation techniques.

The frame rate of 105 full frames per second is achieved by using 16 LVDS outputs running at 600 Mbits/s each. Support for lower frame rates is possible by multiplexing to fewer output channels. Partial read out, windowing, and sub-sample modes can be programmed to support higher frame rates. 

Power dissipation at full resolution and frame rate is 900 mW. Power consumption can be dynamically controlled when using lower frame rates.

Monochrome and RGB versions of the CMV8000 will be available, with both types housed in a ceramic 107-pin uPGA package. Applications include machine vision, traffic ITS, microscopy, security and surveillance, and medical.


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