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AB Balancers Effortlessly Move Suspended Tools

AB Balancers Effortlessly Move Suspended Tools

Ergonomic and streamlined to fit virtually any work space, the Aero-Motive Compact AB Balancer allows users to move suspended tools or objects with minimal effort. The balancers retain their spring performance for optimal balance while accommodating tighter work spaces and reducing work area clutter and accident risks. Rated for a weight range of 1 to 11 lbs., the balancers suit a range of manufacturing and assembly apps. Three standard and three enhanced models with an on/off ratchet lock are available. A lower locking hook and the 360° rotating upper locking hook provide a full range of motion and a high-impact ABS composite housing offers extra durability. A spiral-groove on a tapered drum increases the winding radius to match the torque buildup of the spring when a load is applied, neutralizing the force to achieve a true-balance condition. MOLEX INC., Lisle, IL. (800) 786-6539.


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