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Absolute Optical Encoders Provide Position Data On Start-Up

The AEAS-7 series absolute optical encoders supply position information without requiring shaft movement. The units generate a unique binary word for each shaft position, allowing the encoders to provide position information instantly upon power-up. The AEAS-71AC and AEAS-72AC units measure 50 mm in diameter and are fitted with sealed bearings. Their IP65 rating under CENELEC/IEC standard 529 means that they are dust-tight and protected against streams of noncorrosive liquids for operation in dirty or damp environments. Both series offer 8- or 10-bit resolution and a choice of binary or gray code output. They're available with a hollow (71AC) or solid shaft (72AC). The AEAS-72AA has an encoder diameter of 38 mm and is rated at IP50 with no liquid protection. This unit provides 8-bit resolution, gray code output, and a solid-shaft configuration. The AEAS-71AC, AEAS-72AC, and AEAS-72AA series encoders cost approximately $380, $350, and $188 each, respectively. All pricing is in 30-piece quantities.

Agilent Technologies Inc.; (800) 235-0312

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