Electronic Design

AC Film Capacitors Rate 530 V AC

The 5MPA series ac film capacitors handle from normal line frequency currents to 83.2 ARMS from 2 kHz to resonant frequency. They offer a high voltage rating of 530 V ac and a dissipation factor of 0.1%. Flat copper terminations enable wide frequency response and low electrical and thermal impedance. Capacitors with values up to 10 µF come with brass bolt terminations. Devices at values up to 100 µF come with a "bridge and bolt" design. Operating up to 85°C, the capacitors perform over the current-handling spectrum from 50 Hz to 20 kHz superimposed feedback. Units are wrapped with flame-retardant insulating sleeves and end-filled with a flame-retardant potting compound. Optional molded mounting brackets are available for higher-value capacitors. Available now, the 5MPA capacitors cost between $6 and $30 each, depending on power requirements and quantity ordered.

Electronic Concepts Inc.
www.ecicaps.com; (732) 542-7880

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