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Accelerometer Makes Dynamic And Steady-State Measurements

A new, high g range capacitive accelerometer has been developed for dynamic and steady-state measurements. The 8324A series K-Beam accelerometer includes two units with a measuring range of ±20g and ±50g and sensitivities of 100 mV/g and 40 mV/g, respectively. Both units boast of a frequency response well above 700 Hz. The new accelerometers contain completely calibrated sensors and combine the sensing element and integrated electronics in a hermetically-sealed, titanium, ground-isolated housing. They operates from a single power supply of between 15 and 28 Vdc with 7 mA typical current consumption. The sensors operate over a temperature range of -40°C to 85°C and withstand up to 5,000g shock and 40g random vibration without degradation in performance.

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