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Accelerometers Are Small And Lightweight

Accelerometers Are Small And Lightweight

Said to be both compact and lightweight, the Type 8766A range of tri-axial PiezoStar IEPE accelerometers offer simultaneous shock and vibration measurement capabilities in three orthogonal axes. Available in ranges of ±50 g, ±250g, and ±500g, the components employ proprietary PiezoStar shear element crystal technology, enabling reliable operation over a wide dynamic frequency range. Sensing elements are housed within a welded, hermetically-sealed low-mass titanium housing weighing 3.7g with a choice of 1/4-28 type or M4.5 mini four-pin connectors. Available options include a high-temperature version operating up to +329°F (+165°C) and TEDS capabilities for larger channel count apps. Kistler Instrument Corp., Amherst, NY. (888) 547-8537.


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