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Accelerometers Measure Vibration And Shock

The HF series of accelerometers is designed for measuring vibration and shock. The devices include one- and three-axis piezoelectric sensors for applications such as vehicle and engine testing, shock recording, predictive maintenance, industrial vibration monitoring, and acoustic and high-frequency measurements. These low noise, wide bandwidth (0.2 to 10,000 Hz) accelerometers are compatible with current source and voltage mode systems. If powered by a current source, the signal wire is used as both the excitation signal and the sensor signal. A constant current of 0.3 to 20 mA is provided by a current source, such as a battery box, signal conditioner or analyzer instrument with current source I/O capabilities. Alternatively, an unregulated 5 to 30 vdc power supply can be used to eliminate cumbersome and costly interface electronics. The CXL10HF1Z single-axis devices have a measurement span of ±10g, the CXL10HF3 three-axis devices cover a ±10g range, the CXL100HF1Z single-axis sensors span a ±100g range, and the CXL100HF3 three-axis accelerometers have a ±100g measurement range.

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