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Accelerometers Promise Precise Measurements

Accelerometers Promise Precise Measurements

The A640 series fully customizable, single-axis solid state accelerometers offer precision measurement capabilities within a variety of applications. Available in ranges from ±1g to ±20g with a ±5 Vdc output, the components exploit an advanced solid-state MEMS sensor with integral air damping. Reportedly, air damping is essentially independent of temperature, which enables the accelerometer to reliably perform over a temperature range from -40°C to +100°C with essentially zero temperature coefficient of damping ratio. Other features include compensation for effects of temperature on both sensitivity and zero, positive mechanical stops, operation from an unregulated dc source, and a usable frequency response up to 600 Hz and an additional 5 Hz low pass filtered output. Signal ground is isolated from power ground and termination is via a military-style, bayonet lock connector. For more details and prices, call SHERBORNE SENSORS INC., Wyckoff, NJ. (877) 486-1766.


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